The secret sauce at the Earliest Stage of Entrepreneurship is to find “What FEELS like PLAY to you, but LOOKS like WORK for Others”
Aneesh Khanna
Aneesh Khanna

"Don't become an Entrepreneur because its cool, do it because you have a burning fire inside, to solve a problem, to make the world a better place"

Have an idea but don’t know where to begin?


Aneesh Khanna leading an interactive workshop focused on guiding entrepreneurs through the stages of business setup, from concept to securing startup funding.
BootStart Co-working, Ballard Estate, Mumbai

23rd December 2023

Aneesh's first open format, one day 'Idea Validation' workshop, was attended by a group of professionals who were contemplating on an Idea OR making the transition to build their Startup. A number of topics were covered, which helped them understand the 'Idea to Enterprise Journey'. The Ideas were as diverse as Pet Boarding, Religious Ethnic wear for men, Marketplace for Indian Textiles, Musician Management Agency, Female Hygiene Products, amongst others. It was an exciting and energetic workshop with a mandatory Pizza Lunch.

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WISE Incubator, SNDT Women's University, Juhu, Mumbai

18th January 2024

Aneesh spent time with the Pre-Incubatees of SNDT Womens University's Incubator, WISE. The attendees were bright young women who were in their 3rd and 4th year of their Engineering program. It was an interactive workshop where topics like Idea Validation, TAM, MOAT, Product Market Fit and others, were discussed, by deep diving into each Idea. The ideas encompassed Drone Survelliance, Menstrual Hygiene, Lost Indian Spices, Deep Fake Technology amonst others.

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St John's College of Engineering and Management, Palghar

12th March 2024

St John's College of Engineering and Management, held its 'Startup Fest' and Ideathon(Idea pitching compeition) on 12th March 2024. Aneesh was invited as a jury for the Ideathon, but also spent time mentoring the teams who were participating in the Ideathon, before the event. Students pitched ideas in the domains of Plastic Recycling, Pet Service Aggregation, Platform for budding writers, IOT device for small farmers amongst others.

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Atlas Skilltech University, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

15th March 2024

Aneesh conducted a 'Masterclass on Idea Validation' for the First year BBA students of Atlas Skilltech University. He shared his thoughts on the earliest stages of thinking about your IDEA and building your Startup. It was a power packed one hour session, with a lot of D2C goodies for the students.

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Ain't no EUREKA!

Entrepreneurship or ‘Starting Up’ as we like to call it, is no longer an elite pursuit of Ivy league college pass outs. After Cricket and Bollywood, Entrepreneurship has firmly taken the third place in our post dinner conversations. Starting up is now a career option for many whilst still in college, and for others, it is a way to move from a corporate canvas, to painting their own business legacy.
If you are one of those, who roam with an IDEA in your Pocket, or in a Google Drive Folder or in the spaces of your mind, then pick up this book and validate your IDEA.

Startup with Aneesh

If you have an IDEA and are not sure, whom to speak with, bounce throughts and jam ideas, book a 1:1 with Aneesh. The call is a safe place to discuss your ideas without being judged. Once you book the call, you will receive an email, with a list of things you must prepare before we get chatting. I look forward to listening to your Idea.
8 Week 'Idea to Enterprise' Bootcamp
Aneesh has built an 8-step framework, to help you take your IDEA from your pocket and build it into your DREAM STARTUP.
The 8-week bootcamp includes 8 weekly mentoring sessions + Homework to be done through the week before the next session. The bootcamp covers key topics on Idea Validation which help you move the needle, in your ‘Idea to Enterprise’ Journey.